Drive Axle CV Joints

drive axle cv jointsIf you have a front-wheel-drive vehicle, you may or may not know about the existence of CV joints as part of your drivetrain. These joints, called constant velocity joints, connect the wheels of your vehicle to the driveshafts on the outside of your tires, and the driveshaft to the transmission on the inside of your tires. If any of that explanation lost you, you aren’t alone; the CV joints and drive axel are an uncompromising complicated piece of your vehicle, though they are instrumental in your control of the car while it is in motion. If you suspect CV joint or drive axel problems with your vehicle, the experts in CV joints in Eau Claire, WI can be found at Adams Automotive Center.

CV Joints Eau Claire WI

The thing is – most CV joints will never need service or repair during the lifetime of your vehicle. These joints are usually sealed tight with a rubber or plastic boot that keeps them protected and has multiple layers of protection to keep them from incurring damage. If they do, however, you have a very real problem on your hands. As the special oil leaks from the interior of the CV joints, dirt can get in and cause them to break down. Though rare, this kind of damage can lead to you completely losing control of your vehicle, and at high speeds – that’s a problem. Our techs would be happy to inspect your CV joints in Eau Claire, WI, for damage, and suggest repairs as needed.

Drive Axle Eau Claire WI

The drive axle is the component that connects your car’s differential to the tire. These pieces serve the same purpose as the CV joints, and your vehicle has one or both, depending on the make and model. Since drive axles are also usually well-protected and usually OK for the life of the vehicle, we rarely see any repairs to this crucial part of your vehicle. But if you feel vibrating at high speeds, you may want us to take a look.

CV Joints Near Me

Whether it is CV joints in Eau Claire, WI, or drive axles, the team at Adams Automotive Center is always ready to inspect, and in case of damage, help get things fixed up. While these components rarely need service and come up in conversation even less often, when there is a problem, it is a big one. So let the team at Adams Automotive Center take a look at yours today!

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