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oil change and maintenanceFew would debate that the simple oil change is the single most important preventative maintenance you can have performed on your vehicle. This process, which is recommended for every 3,000 to 5,000 miles in most vehicles, is the most vital thing you can do to keep your vehicle running like the day you drove it off the lot. But it isn’t the only regular maintenance your car will need to keep things humming as you expect. When it’s time for an oil change in Eau Claire, WI, or any of the other preventative maintenance your car needs, the only name you should think of is Adams Automotive Center.

Synthetic Oil Change Eau Claire WI

When you bring your car to Adams Automotive Center in Eau Claire, WI, for an oil change, what do we actually do? It’s rather simple really. We completely drain your engine of oil and replace it with a fresh batch, be it synthetic, semi-synthetic, or conventional. We also replace your oil filter. As your engine runs, the components create heat and friction, and having fresh oil keeps the engine parts from rubbing together and suffering damage. Driving too long on worn engine oil can lead to engine damage or even complete lockup, so when your car is due for an oil change in Eau Claire, WI, get it into the bays at Adams Automotive Center. We’ll have you back on the road before you know it.

Preventative Maintenance Eau Claire WI

Keeping your vehicle running is more than just keeping up with your oil changes. Dig out your car’s owner’s manual and flip to the very back. You’ll find a comprehensive list of scheduled maintenance services and when they should be performed. These include not just your scheduled oil change in Eau Claire, WI, but also services like the 30/60/90K scheduled maintenance. No matter what your car is due for, the pros at Adams Automotive Center are here to help and get your car tuned and running exactly as you expect.

Synthetic Oil Change Near Me

When it comes time for an oil change in Eau Claire, WI, the name you know you can trust is Adams Automotive Center. The dealership will cost you a fortune and a chain lube shop might not do the very best job, so the only solution is to bring your vehicle for its oil changes and preventative maintenance to the pros at Adams Automotive Center. Make an appointment or swing by today!

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