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shocks and strutsIf you need service or repair to your car’s shocks and struts, how would you know? These parts, when worn or damaged, trigger no warning light, so what are the indicators you might need someone to take a look? It can all be summed up in one word – bounce. Think about when you hit a bump in your car. You generally feel it, but if you need shocks and struts in Eau Claire, WI, then you really, really feel it. If this sounds familiar and you’ve found yourself bouncing down the road, come into Adams Automotive Center and let our team take a look at your car’s shocks and struts.

Shocks and Struts Eau Claire WI

Your car’s shocks and struts both serve the same purpose, to dampen the bouncing your vehicle experiences as you move down the road. The shock, however, is a singular component, whereas the strut combines both the shock and other pieces into a single unit. These units work together to keep your ride smooth even over the bumpiest terrain, and when they need replacement, they generally need replacing on both sides of the car simultaneously. So if you’ve noticed severe bouncing as you drive, the car “nose-diving” forward or backward, or even braking issues, you might need shock and strut replacement in Eau Claire, WI, from the pros at Adams Automotive Center.

Shocks and Struts Replacement Eau Claire WI

At Adams Automotive Center in Eau Claire, WI, we generally recommend that vehicles have their shocks and struts replaced at about the 50,000 mile mark. If your car is nearing this milestone, you may want to consider replacing your shocks and struts before they begin to fail or exhibit signs of damage. We at Adams Automotive Center view this more as preventative maintenance, as having defective shocks and struts can cause problems across your entire vehicle. So before you end up with a bouncy ride, get your car in for shocks and struts replacement in Eau Claire, WI, from the experts at Adams Automotive Center.

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So whether your ride is bouncier than it should be or you are simply nearing the 50,000 mile mark, get your vehicle in for shocks and struts in Eau Claire, WI, from Adams Automotive Center. Our team is waiting to help you with your car’s shocks and struts, and we want to see you drive away with a stable, smooth ride in your vehicle. Make an appointment today! 

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